No off-the-peg solutions here: every project gets a tailored approach. We draw on the full spectrum of research methods, mixing and matching to create the best solution for you. And our natural curiosity keeps us looking for new thinking that can help us devise new techniques and approaches.


We offer the full array of analytical techniques. Our experts work as part of the project team, so you get clear recommendations – not overwhelming stats.

Online Communities

We use online research communities for their ability to generate ongoing insights and bring you closer to your customers. For more info click here  

Data Visualization

We create clear, actionable and memorable outputs, including infographics and animations, that continue to have a life after the project is complete.

Integrated Qual and Quant

Our qual and quant experts work in genuinely integrated teams, producing a far better quality of insight, focusing on client challenges, not techniques.

Online Qualitative Research

As experts in both the research and technical sides of online qual, we know what works best for specific needs.  We focus on the insights we need, not just the mechanics.


Some agencies treat workshops as glorified groups. At Jigsaw, they’re disciplined creative sessions with a clear purpose.    

Usability Testing

We’re skilled in optimizing user experience in interfaces from apps to websites to TVs, we cover all sectors.  


Blended with other techniques in our palette, semiotics can give us faster, more vivid insights.

Using concept nursery to help develop a brand strategy
Using whole conscious to understand consumers
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