International: Local color, global perspective

Half of all our business comes from multi-country research projects. That’s because it’s one of our biggest strengths. We’ve worked in over 50 countries from Australia to Zimbabwe, and our largest multi-country studies cover 30+ markets.

We keep humans at the heart

International market research presents specific challenges. So it needs specialist expertise, not just organizational flair. At Jigsaw we’ve found how to get the best results from global projects. Put simply, we go all-out to get a deep understanding of local cultures. We do this by engaging with people, not just focusing on processes – and it’s why we get stronger, richer insights. This isn’t something all research agencies do. But it’s something we’re pretty zealous about. As a result, we have a strong track record of unearthing the global human truths and stories – the ones that resonate across geographies, while still capturing local color.

The Jigsaw difference

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