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Unveiling silent majorities: Woke culture and youth audiences

30th November 2023

Aren’t we all just quallies under the skin?

By Peter Totman, September 2023

A Jigsaw Webinar: Exploring vulnerable consumers and the cost-of-living crisis

Jigsaw, May 2023

Empathy, everywhere, all at once

By Alabama Nash, March 2023

For researchers, ChatGPT’s true danger is dullness

By Ross Denton, February 2023

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February 2023

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By Rupert Blackwell, September 2022

Jigsaw joins STRAT7

By Sue van Meeteren, August 2022

Lenin vs the Oracle: who would have given the best advice for researchers?

By Alex Johnston, August 2021

Getting back to face-to-face

By Hazel Fletcher, July 2021

When things go right - the 3 keys to improving customer relationships

By Tom Vannozzi, June 2021

Jigsaw in the News

And I remember … Room Service

By Peter Totman, February 2021

Jigsaw Wins Innovation of the Year Award

Last Monday, Jigsaw’s automated WhatsApp solution won the ‘Research Live Award for Innovation of the Year’.

Free Webinar - Making Connections

How brands and researchers can navigate a socially distant world

4 Covid charts that I’ll never get to use

By Luke Mantell, September 2020

A funny thing happened on a Zoom call

By Ali Pugh, July 2020

Losing control: Is it really so bad?

By Andy Lack, June 2020

We’re all adopters now – even if we don’t want to be

By Andy Lack, May 2020

The definitive ‘Top 10’

By Tim Dixon, May 2020

London Calling

By Rupert Blackwell, April 2020

Learning from the Chinese word for 'Crisis'

By Julie Knox, April 2020

Research in a time of crisis – how we can help

Jigsaw, March 2020


Why we love to use WhatsApp in our research

By Matthew Bishop, February 2020

We're all adopters now

By Andy Lack, January 2020

Winning Best Global Agency Award

By Ann Morgan, December 2019

Jigsaw wins Global Agency of the Year Award

Jigsaw News

November 2019

Small differences

By Rupert Blackwell, October 2019

Researching sensitive subjects

by Kathryn Bailey, September 2019

Creative Development Research can make the advertising stronger. Yes really.

By Peter Totman

Fantasy Football League Name: ‘Hussle and Motivate’ 2019/20 Season

By Ali Pugh (The Chairman), August 2019

Why is everyone reaching out?

By Alex Johnston, June 2019

My Top 5 Community Hacks

By Phil Morrison, May 2019

Who do you trust?

By Tom Vannozzi, April 2019

Why my word of the MRS Conference was Consilience...

Alex Johnston, March 2019

The top books every researcher should read

By Peter Totman

Groundhog Day: The never ending cycle of NPD for apps.

Andy Lack

October 2018


Video killed the online star

Luke Mantell

August 2018

Is it time for researchers to embrace the behavioural science no-one wants to talk about?

Peter Totman

July 2018

News consumption in the UK

Tim Dixon, Luke Mantell and Alex Johnston

July 2018

Is your research driven by curiosity or perplexity?

Luke Perry

July 2018

Navigating news in an online world

Luke Perry, Alex Johnston and Sarah McKee

July 2018


East leads West in a Question of Gender

Sue van Meeteren

June 2018

Why Behavioural Science means England must train for penalties

Alex Johnston

June 2018

When not having a plan takes you further

Ali Pugh

February 2018

What’s the point in navel gazing?

Ann Morgan

December 2017

2 things you always take when travelling internationally for work...


November 2017

Getting closer to Jo Citizen

Hazel Fletcher September 2017

The Road Ahead

Rupert Blackwell

August 2017

International Travel, Qual Style: How to Make the Most of Our Lives ‘on the road’

Peter Totman

June 2017