Join us for Jigsaw's
latest webinar:
9th November

Branding & Behavior
The latest thinking in B2B research

Join us for a coffee break webinar exploring two key issues in the world of B2B marketing:

1.How to use WhatsApp to research business audiences

Behavior is difficult to research. We’ve used our integrated WhatsApp approach to understand consumer decision making better, but can it work for B2B audiences?

We’ll cover:

Come along and find out how to get a better, more authentic understanding of B2B decision making and behaviour.


2.The state of B2B brand building

Jigsaw Research has joined forces with Transmission, the world’s largest B2B marketing agency, to interview 500 senior marketing leaders in B2B organizations of all sizes and industries around the world.

Our research sheds new light on….

These insights will help B2B insight professionals to understand the issues involved in B2B branding and a clear steer on how to build brand measurement and strategy programmes.


Our 30 minute webinar is free to attend – do come along, we’d love to see you.

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09 November 2022:

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